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What kind of salary can you earn as a UX designer in 2021?

It’s good news.  These days you can make a decent living in UX in most parts of the world. And salary prospects are likely to improve.

How much you can earn depends on where you are. So in this article, we’ve pulled together salary data to highlight UX hiring hotspots and your earning potential in these countries. 

UX designer salaries in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a European tech hub. It’s home to many top tech companies like Google, Facebook, AirBnb, LinkedIn, Twitter, HubSpot, and more.

They are all big employers in the UX industry – making Dublin a great place to build a UX career.

In the table below, you’ll find 2021 UX salary information from Irish tech recruiters, Prosperity.

Role 1-3 years 3-5 years 5+ years
Product Designer €40 – €50K €50 – €65K €65K +
UX Designer €40 – €50K €50 – €60K €60K +
UI Designer €35 – €45K €45 – €60K €60K +
UI/UX Application Designer €35 – €45K €45 – €55K €55K +
UX Design Lead  €55 – €65K €65 – €75K €75K +
UX Director €75 – €80K €80 – €90K €90K +

UX designer salaries in London, United Kingdom 

Salary prospects are very good in the UK too. 

Where has the highest UX salaries? London. It’s the tech capital of the UK.

According to UK job search site Adzuna, the average UX designer salary in London was £65,709. 47.0% more than the average salary across London.

Curious about the rest of the UK? We’ve added LinkedIn Salary’s base salary below. 

Location LinkedIn average base salary
United Kingdom £34,500 /yr

What about UX salaries in the rest of the world? According to LinkedIn Salary, they’re also very promising. 

UX designer salaries in the United States of America 

Location LinkedIn average base salary
United States of America  $82,000 /yr

UX designer salaries in Australia 

Location LinkedIn average base salary
Australia A$88,000 /yr

Curious about other countries not listed?

If your country or the country you’re planning on working in wasn’t listed above, look at LinkedIn Salary

Want to learn more about UX salaries and the UX industry as whole? Take a look at these great resources. 

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