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User Research Course for UX

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Professional Certificate in
User Research

Professional Certificate in User Research

Who is it for?

UX professionals Aspiring UX researchers


16 weeks


3 hours per week




Online, self-paced with live support and mentoring

* 0% interest monthly payment plans available. Get in touch for details.

The industry standard course in UX research

Master the research skills that make UX professionals so valuable. Become a confident, credible and effective user researcher with a globally recognised qualification.

Why take this user research course:

  • Gain the most in-demand skills* and boost your career in a thriving industry.
  • Learn a complete range of UX research methods. Expand your toolkit to conduct high-quality research at pace.
  • Become an insights expert. Translate findings into actionable insights and communicate them with conviction.
  • Showcase your expertise. Build a professional user research portfolio and earn a university credit-rated qualification.
  • Get the confidence to succeed. Count on our mentors, career advisors and student community throughout your journey.

*Research is one of the top 10 most in-demand skills globally (LinkedIn, 2023).

A comprehensive, in-depth curriculum

This user research course has been created and validated by experts in UX research. It is credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University.

Self-paced learning gives you the flexibility to study in your own time. Monthly deadlines and submissions give you structure and accountability. The best of both worlds.

Glasgow Caledonian University

Module 1

Introduction to user research

Understand the role of a UX researcher. Explore the types, methods and ethics of research.

Module 2

Planning the research

Learn how to build a research plan, collaborate with stakeholders, recruit participants and manage data.

Module 3

Fundamental user research skills

Master the core skills of interviewing and usability testing. Learn how to moderate and take notes.

Module 4

Expanding your toolkit

Explore qualitative research methods like ethnography, contextual enquiry, service safaris and diary studies.

Module 5

Analysing qualitative research

Learn to analyse research data and translate it into user goals, affinity diagrams, personas and journey maps.

Module 6

Quantitative research

Learn to design, conduct and analyse online surveys, A/B tests and more.

Module 7

Communicating the research

Learn how to report and present your findings with confidence.

Module 8

AI for user research

Explore how AI tools can assist researchers.


Portfolio project

Build a professional portfolio to showcase your research expertise.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anybody looking to build their skills and advance their career with UX research.

  • UX designers seeking to enhance their user research skills
  • UX researchers looking for a formal qualification that validates their expertise
  • Researchers or social scientists considering a career in UX
  • Product managers/owners who need research skills to succeed in their roles
  • Anyone who enjoys interacting with users, seeking a meaningful UX research career
Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy

Deputy Head of Product & Design, Ryanair

“The course has significantly enhanced my user research skills. In my role as the Deputy Head of Product & Design, I not only feel more self-assured in carrying out user research tasks, but I also feel well-equipped to lead and guide my team.”

Learn from experts

The Professional Certificate in User Research has been created with seasoned UX research professionals.

Payment plans available

Pay $359 per month over 6 months. 0% interest. Speak to an advisor to learn more.

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4 July 2024

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Payment plans available
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Payment plans available

Pay $359 per month over 6 months. 0% interest. Speak to an advisor to learn more.

Speak to an advisor Speak to an advisor

What’s included

Intensive education. Self-paced learning with a structured curriculum that includes bite-sized video lessons, text and audio resources.
Learn-by-doing. Hands-on projects to help you practise what you’ve learned.
Expert guidance. Get mentored by experienced user and UX research professionals, and enjoy day-to-day support from our course tutors.
Learning assessment. Earn your qualification via an online exam.
Resume prep sessions held monthly to ensure you stand out to employers.
A university credit-rated certification that recognises your new skills.

Support at every step

From day one, you’ll be part of a lively community of tutors, mentors and fellow students that support each other along the way.













Student Success team

Our friendly and responsive team will help you stay on track and keep you accountable.

Course mentor

Your course mentor is an expert user researcher who brings years of practical insight.

Student community

Collaborate, share tips and build connections on our lively student Slack channels.

You’re in good company. Our alumni practice UX design with the world’s leading organisations.

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“I’d definitely recommend the course. For me, it meant being able to get into a job within months of graduating.”
Cassandra Cardiff profile image
Cassandra Cardiff
Senior User Researcher

Frequently asked questions

More questions? Schedule a call with an education advisor, or email us at

What is user research?

The objective of user experience design is to create products and services that users will feel good about using. But how do we know what users want? How can we empathise with them or understand their goals and objectives while also knowing which problems they want our products to solve? That’s where user research comes in. 

User research is the process of researching a product or service’s current or potential users. User research helps UX designers understand their users so that the products they create are more likely to satisfy them while meeting business objectives. Learn more about user research here.

What do user researchers do?

In UX design, a user researcher, also known as a UX researcher, uses qualitative and quantitative research methods and analysis to gain insight into the users of a product.

A UX researcher’s work is ultimately in service of a product’s UX design but UX researchers aren’t designers. Instead, they synthesise and present their findings to the design team through presentations, personas, journey maps and other tools that will enable the team to understand the users they’re designing for. Learn more.

Do I need design or coding experience?

No, you don’t need any design or coding experience. Bring an open mind and aptitude to learn.

What are the admissions criteria?

Students are admitted on a case-by-case basis after a consultation with one of our Education Advisors. Key factors we’ll discuss with you include:

1. Background

You don’t need experience in design or technology to enrol in our courses, although having one or both is a definite bonus.

2. Commitment

You do need to be motivated and committed. We set a high bar. Studying for one of our professional qualifications requires a certain amount of time, energy and focus. Our team will be there to support you along every step of the way but success will come as a result of your own diligence.

3. English language

You need to be comfortable learning in English. All video lessons, course materials, webinars, correspondence and the final exam are delivered in English.

How is the course structured?

There are two learning paths available to you:

1. Structured path

The most popular option is to follow the 16 week structure. Each week you are given a deadline with a number of video lessons to complete. You’ll also follow recommended start and finish dates for each project.

2. Self-directed path

Alternatively you can complete the course entirely at your own pace. As the course is delivered entirely online, it means that you’re free to complete it whenever you are free. You’ll still be able to take part in any of the webinars - either live or catching up through recordings. Once enrolled, you'll have access to all of the course materials for eight months.

Will I get a mentor?

Yes. All our mentors are industry professionals with many years of experience working in the field. Our mentors host webinars and will be available during these live sessions to answer questions, review progress and run quick tutorials.

Will I build a portfolio?

Yes. Practical work is an important part of the course. You’ll complete a series of projects which will give you hands-on experience in user research. Completed project work can be added to your portfolio to showcase the skills that you’ve acquired through the course.

Will I work on a team?

Yes, if you want to. Each course is limited to a maximum of 75 people. This allows you to build relationships with your fellow students on a dedicated Slack channel, and collaborate on projects and study time.

Is the course recognised?

The UK higher education system is internationally renowned for its excellent standards. Our courses are all credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University, a highly-rated UK university. The Professional Certificate in User Research is allocated 15 credits at Level 7 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. For your country, there will be an equivalent award in the relevant educational system. For guidance, please review the Certification Equivalents Table.