In-House UX training

Bring your teams together with hands-on, classroom-based training. Give them the skills, knowledge and mindset to create great digital products.

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Accenture BBVA Deloitte Google Hilton McKinsey Microsoft Natwest PWC RBS Salesforce Shopify

Learning outcomes

What your team will get

Inside-out knowledge of why UX is a better way to design and build software.
The language and confidence to verbalise UX concepts to colleagues and customers.
A better ability to see software products from your end-user’s perspective.
A shared understanding of the key UX design principles and techniques.
Learn to communicate and collaborate more effectively on software projects.
Learn UX in a fun, engaging and stimulating environment.

“The UX Design Institute’s programme has helped to round out the skills of the whole team. It has been an essential component of increasing the overall design maturity of our organisation.”

Christopher Donnelly
Christopher Donnelly
Associate Design Director @Viasat
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Learning experience

Our approach

A deep dive into the full UX design process: research, analysis, psychology, design and prototyping.
UX is a team-based discipline. Collaborate with your colleagues in an engaging and stimulating environment.
We believe in learn-by-doing. Practice UX on a real-world project, including exercises, group work and expert feedback.
People love taking our courses
Our customer ratings lead the UX training industry for quality and satisfaction.
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What your team will learn

The full UX process
Your training will follow the lifecycle of a real UX project. Each principle, concept and technique is brought to live with real-world examples and exercises.
The full UX process
The critical UX skills
You’ll get hands-on experience with the most powerful UX skills: usability testing, customer interviews, journey maps, sketching, prototyping and more.
The critical UX skills
An in-demand skill: UX is one of the top 10 skill priorities for businesses globally.
World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs Report, 2023

“Complete, collaborative, hands-on training. It had a lasting effect on the way we look at UX design.”

Lennard Kager
Lennard Kager
Senior UX Analyst

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Frequently asked questions

Need advice?

If you still have questions and would like to speak to our team, contact us on the details below and we’ll provide you with a custom training plan and quote.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of attendees for in-house training sessions?
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Our courses are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, packed with numerous team exercises. To ensure effective training delivery, we require a minimum of 10 students. Similarly, to maintain a quality learning environment and ensure personalised attention from the trainer over the two days, we limit each session to a maximum of 30 participants. For groups larger than 30, we recommend scheduling a separate session to optimise the learning experience.

Are there any materials provided after the training?
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After finishing our UX Foundation course, you'll get access to lots of helpful resources. We'll send you a link to all the course materials, including templates and extra resources to boost your skills. You'll also receive a certificate to show off your achievement.

Do you have live online training?
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Yes, our 2-day UX Foundations course is also available for remote delivery. This option is particularly beneficial for teams operating across multiple locations, where gathering them in one place might pose logistical challenges.

Do you offer a video-based on-demand alternative?
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Yes, we provide an on-demand UX Fundamentals program as well. This option is ideal for teams with varying schedules, allowing individuals to study at their own pace while ensuring alignment in their understanding of UX principles. You can explore the on-demand UX Fundamentals program on our website. Feel free to reach out to us for information on team discounts.

Who typically attends your courses?
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Lots of different people: project managers, product managers, business analysts, software developers, graphic designers, UX designers, digital marketers and many more. UX is a broad church.