UX designer salary Canada

Ecommerce giant Shopify is Canada’s largest multinational and the country is attracting more UX designers every year as the tech scene continues to develop. If you are considering working there as a UX designer, you’ll want to know how much salary you can earn.

It is not just where you live that will determine how much money you can make – there are other factors to consider too.

We analysed data on UX salaries from Payscale.com for two key cities in Canada to give you an insight into how much you can get paid as a UX designer.

Location and UX Salary in Canada – at a glance

City Junior: 1-3 years Mid: 3-5 years Senior: 5-7 years
Toronto CA$45,000-CA$81,000 CA$45,000-CA$84,000 CA$69,000-CA$122,000
Vancouver CA$46,000-CA$82,000 CA$60,000-CA$103,000 CA$66,000-CA$123,000

UX Salaries in Toronto

With major tech brands like Netflix and Reddit opening new offices and Amazon expanding their premises in the city in 2021, Toronto is now arguably both the tech capital and the financial centre of the country. Junior designers with 1-3 years experience can get paid CA$45,000-CA$81,000 here. Mid-range designers (3-5 years) with just a couple more years’ experience will see salaries increase to CA$45,000-CA$84,000. And senior UX designers in Canada’s biggest city can expect to earn CA$69,000-CA$122,000.

UX Salaries in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the top technology hubs in North America and has managed to draw 12,900 new workers into the local technology sector over the past two years. Hootsuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft are just a few of the thousands of companies helping to shape the city’s tech reputation. Interestingly, junior designers in the city can expect to make the same as Toronto with CA$46,000-CA$82,000. After that, earnings for mid-level UX designers will increase to CA$60,000-CA$103,000 while senior designers will take home CA$66,000-CA$101,000.

As Canada’s tech sector continues to develop, UX professionals remain in high demand. According to recent research, Toronto is North America’s fastest-growing technology market, and Vancouver’s growth rate of 42.6% in tech jobs over the past five years means it’s not far behind.

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