11 Irish UX and UI terms you should learn

Ireland has a vibrant UX and UI design community so to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we have translated some key UX and UI design phrases into Irish for you to use.

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irish ux terms

Ireland has a vibrant UX and UI design community so to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we have translated some key UX and UI design phrases into Irish for you to use.

Every year, cities and towns across the world go green for St. Patrick’s Day and for the first time since 2019, parades that pay tribute to the music, culture and people of Ireland can happen in real life so there is a lot to celebrate. However, people may not realise that the first two weeks of March mark another important element of Irish life; our national language.

Seachtain na nGaeilge (Irish Week) acknowledges the beauty of the Irish language and demonstrates that it is not just a living language but a thriving one too. The Irish dictionary is constantly being updated with new words and phrases to reflect the ever changing and modern lives of the people who speak it. As one of the leading tech hubs in Europe, Ireland has a vibrant UX and UI community but what about the Irish language within those communities?

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Seachtain na nGaeilge, we have translated 11 of the most essential UX, UI and design terms into Irish for you to use and enjoy in the workplace. Whether you’re fluent, have a cúpla focal (that means a word or two) or are entirely new to the Irish language, add your own dash of green to the week by using some of these key design phrases with your colleagues.

1. User experience: taithí úsáideora

An bhfuil tu in ann an taithí úsáideora a cur síos?
Translation: Are you able to describe the user experience?

2. UX Design: Dearadh UX

Rinne mé cúrsa dearadh UX ar líne an bhliain seo caite. Bhí sé ar fheabhas.
Translation: I did a UX design course online last year. It was brilliant.

3. User Interface: Comhéadan úsáideora

Cén sort comhéadan úsáideora a bhfuil an app seo ag feidhmiú as?
Translation: What sort of user interface is that app operating from?

4. User Research: taighde úsáideora

An ndearna tú an taighde úsáideora fós le haghaidh an tionscadal dearadh UX?
Translation: Have you done the user research yet for the UX design project?


user research in irish

5. Usability testing: tástáil inúsáidteachta

Cé mhéad úsáideoir atá ag teastáil le haghaidh tástála inúsáidteachta?
Translation: How many users do you need for usability testing?

6. User Needs: riachtanais úsáideoirí

Nuair a aithneomid na riachtanais úsáideoirí san agallamh seo, beidh an dlí na tionscadal chomh níos soléiire.
Translation: When we identify the user needs in this interview, the direction of the project will be much clearer.

7. Persona: pearsana

Chuir mé an duine seo sa pearsana “fear gnó sinsearach” mar is caoga bliain d’aois é.
Translation: I put this person into the “senior businessman” persona because he is 50 years old.

8. Portfolio: punann

Conas a chruthú punann UX gan taithí: 5 bhealach triailte ‘s tástálaithe chun tionscadail UX a aimsiú
Translation: How to create a UX portfolio without experience: 5 tried-and-tested ways to find UX projects

9. Prototype: fréamhshamhail

Rith mé triail sasúil leis an réamhshamhail agus ceapaim go bhfuil sé reidh a bogadh go dtí an chéad chéim eile.
Translation: I ran a satisfactory trial with this prototype and I think it’s ready to move into the next stage.

10. Pain Points: pointí pian

B’fhéidir go bhfaigheadh ​​muid torthaí níos fearr dá gcuirfimis ceist faoi na pointí pian sa cruinniú tástáil inúsáidteachta seo chugainn?
Translation: Maybe we would get better results if we asked about the pain points in the next usability testing meeting?

11. Wireframe: sreangfhráma

Cabhróidh ár liosta de na 10 n-uirlisí sreangfhráma UX is fearr leat cinneadh a dhéanamh ar na roghanna is fearr a thabhairt duit.
Translation: Our list of the 10 best UX wireframing tools will help you decide giving you the low down on the best options.

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