We believe the future
deserves world-class
UX design
The future
UX Design
Accredited by leading European institutions
Our mission

Embarking on a new career path requires a personal investment of time, commitment and finances.

We respect the importance of this decision. That's why we've worked hard to deliver the world's only university-accredited, industry-approved online course offering a Professional Diploma in UX Design.

Setting the standard
We’re the recognised leaders in our field due to the high quality of our syllabus and course content and our many years of UX expertise. Our courses go into a level of detail and depth that is unmatched by other course providers. It’s a genuine education, the type you won’t get in a bootcamp.
Achieving your goals
We’re focused on launching world class UX designers into the world. We want to see you learn, grow and succeed in your career. To ensure that success, we’re equipping you with the UX skills and knowledge that are essential to create great digital products. And are in high-demand from Industry.
Focusing on the future
Our courses are agile and develop in line with our Industry Advisory Council’s expert recommendations. As an Institute, we’re innovative and future focused. We’re always looking towards how user experience and technology are shifting and evolving. After all, the future deserves world-class UX designers.

“I have since progressed to being a UX Manager for one of the world’s biggest companies, helping build products by speaking to real users and applying core principles I learned from the course.”

Philip Joyce
Manager, User Experience, Mastercard