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There are many supportive and welcoming UX communities out there.

We know it’s important to find communities that align with what matters to you. To help you get started, we’ve listed 12 key UX communities that can expand your network and mind.

 1. API Who Design

API (Asian and Pacific Islanders) Who Design features a growing directory of API designers in the UX industry. Their mission is to show the range of API talent, inspire new designers, network with fellow API designers, share experiences, and discover API design talent. They also have a Slack community for people in the API community.

Join: apiwho.design and the API Who Design Slack community

Follow: @apiwhodesign

 2. Blacks Who Design

Blacks Who Design is a directory and community of all of the inspiring Black designers in the UX industry. The goal of the community is to inspire new designers, encourage people to diversify their social media feeds, and discover new individuals to join your team. Blacks Who Design have a Slack community too.

Join: blackswho.design

Follow: @BlacksWhoDesign

Watch: Blacks Who Design with Tolu Olubode

 3. Design Gigs for Good

Design Gigs for Good was founded by Sarah Fathallah and Molly Ruskin in 2017. They founded it because there wasn’t a job board at the intersection of design and the social sector. It started out as a Google Group to post opportunities for their friends. And it just kept growing from there. They also have a Slack group for UX professionals who use design to change the world.

Join: Design Gigs for Good Slack community

Follow: @DesignGigs4Good

 4. Dribbble

Dribbble is one of the main social networking communities for designers. And there’s a big UX presence on it. Here you can like, comment and get inspiration from other UX professionals. Get involved with the Dribbble community by sharing your own work too. It also has a great jobs board that lists plenty of UX roles.

Sign up: dribbble.com

 5. Ladies that UX

Ladies that UX was founded in 2013 by UX professionals Lizzie Dyson and Gerogie Bottomley. They both noticed that there weren’t many women in senior UX roles and wanted more role models. It’s a female only, global UX community that’s all about giving women a community to support each other. Ladies that UX regularly post educational content on their YouTube too.

Join your local chapter: www.ladiesthatux.com

Follow: @ladiesthatux

Watch: Giving, Seeking and Receiving feedback in UX

 6. Latinxs Who Design

Latinxs Who Design is a living directory of Latinxs in the design industry. It’s a community where you can find key voices to follow on Twitter, find a mentor to help you, network, and make new friends too. Latinxs Who Design also has an active Slack community with over 2,000 members.

Join: www.latinxswhodesign.com and the Latinxs Who Design Slack community

Follow: @latinxsdesign

Watch: Latinxs Who Design

 7. User Experience (LinkedIn)

User Experience is one of the largest UX communities on LinkedIn. It’s the perfect place to build your LinkedIn network. The group has over 160,000 members. Daily posts from members include job opportunities and interesting links. Here you can find user experience designers, UI designers, user researchers, visual designers, product designers, and information architects.

Join: LinkedIn group

 8. User Experience Design (Reddit)

User Experience Design is Reddit’s main UX design group. This active community has over 60,000 members. Its members discuss everything from career advice to UX trends and everything in between. Although it’s more anonymous than the other UX communities, it’s still a brilliant place to discuss all things UX.

Join: User Experience Design (Reddit)

 9. UX Design Institute

Are you trying to break into UX? The UX Design Institute’s student community can give you the support you need. You’ll be part of a lively community of course managers, career coaches, fellow students and former students that support each other along the way. Our students can collaborate, share tips and build connections.

Join: Enrol for the Professional Diploma in UX Design 

Follow: @uxdesigninst

 10. UX/UI Design Projects (Facebook)

Looking for feedback on your design projects? UX/UI Design Projects is a Facebook Group with over 110,000 members. Don’t be intimidated by the size of the group. It’s a friendly, supportive community of UX professionals who want to give constructive feedback.

Join: UX/UI Design Projects

 11. Queer Design Club

The Queer Design Club is a community for queer design professionals to share their work, connect with their creative history, and build relationships with another. The community celebrates everything from LGBTQ+ designers’ contributions to design’s role in queer activism throughout history. They’ve a Slack group for its members too.

Join: queerdesign.club

Follow: @queerdesignclub

Watch: Queer Design Chats: “What is Queer Typography” by Paul Soulellis

 12. Women Who Design

Women Who Design is a directory of accomplished women in the design community. It helps people to find notable voices to follow on Twitter in the areas that interest them. They also have a jobs board for their community of talented women in UX design.

Join: womenwho.design

Follow: @womenwhodesign

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? You can always search for what interests you online or create the design community that you want to see!

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