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Following on from our 8 must-read books for anyone interested in UX design, here’s a small selection of some of the top UX influencers currently killing it in their industries. Follow these thought-leaders to stay in the loop on all things UX. 

1. Andrew Kucheriavy

Who is Andrew Kucheriavy?

Andrew Kucheriavy is the founder & CEO of top Chicago web design agency Intechnic. The ninth professional in the world to be awarded ‘Master in User Experience’, Andrew is “a recognised visionary with functional expertise in UX design, business strategy, inbound marketing, web development and business development.” He is also a published author and blogger and serves on the Forbes Technology Council.  

Where should I follow Andrew?

In terms of social media, Kucheriavy is most active on Twitter, where he regularly shares his best UX tips along with helpful insights on marketing strategy. He also regularly writes articles for Intechnic’s blog.

Anything I should read?

Dive straight into his popular blog post Top 100 UX Design Tips from a User Experience Master or check out his book Results On Internet (ROI): Secrets of Successful Business Websites.

2. Katie Dill

Who is Katie Dill?

Former Director of Experience Design at AirBnb and now VP of Design at Lyft (two digital companies that harnessed new technologies and a particular focus on UX design to completely transform their respective services), Katie is at the forefront of user experience. Regularly attending and speaking at UX conferences year round, Katie is definitely a voice in UX you’ll want to look out for.

Where should I follow Katie?  

Like Andrew above, Katie is most active on Twitter. You can also find some talks she has done in the past on YouTube.

Anything I should read?

Read about Katie’s experiences as the VP of Design at Lyft.  

3. Cory Lebson

Who is Cory Lebson?

With over 20 years of experience in UX design, Cory Lebson runs his own successful UX consulting firm, Lebsontech LLC. Lebsontech focuses on user research and evaluation, user experience strategy, UX training, and mentoring. A past president of both the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International and the UXPA DC Chapter, Cory frequently speaks on topics related to UX career development, user experience, user research, information architecture, and accessibility.

Where should I follow Cory?

Check him out on Twitter, where he often shares UX tips and tricks. He also regularly contributes to the Lebsontech blog and he teaches a number of courses over at

Anything I should read?

Check out Cory’s book The UX Careers Handbook for a comprehensive review of different types of UX careers.

4. Julie Zhuo

Who is Julie Zhuo?

Hired as Facebook’s first intern back in 2006 and made a manager at just 25, Julie now holds the coveted position of Facebook’s VP of Design. Her experiences led her to write her new book, The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You, in which she shares professional advice she wishes she’d received earlier in her career.

Where should I follow Julie?

Julie is an extremely active voice in the design community. Her Twitter feed is a great place to find everything she’s up to in one place. There you can find the posts she regularly writes for Medium, links to various podcasts she has been featured on, in addition to a wealth of useful tips, inspirational quotes and pieces of wisdom.

Anything I should read?

Apart from her aforementioned book, a good place to start with Julie Zhuo is to check out The Year of the Looking Glass; an insightful collection of essays on design, building products, and observing life.

We also highly recommend getting on Julie’s weekly Q&A email list. The mission of the email series, in Julie’s own words; “I want to talk about product and design, this industry’s ups and downs, hopes and dreams, failure and self-doubt, how you actually do X, and the things that matter most to you readers […] so ask me anonymous questions. I pick one question every week and answer it as honestly and helpfully as I can, which I’ll e-mail to the subscribers of this list. Why e-mail? Because I’m hoping the smaller audience and more intimate forum will make it easier to talk about the hard stuff.”

5. Jared Spool

Who is Jared Spool?

Working in the field of usability and design since 1978, before the term “usability” was ever associated with computers, Jared Spool is one of the biggest and most recognisable names in UX. Spool is a writer, researcher, speaker, educator, and an expert in usability, software, design and research. He is also the founder of User Interface Engineering, a consulting firm specialising in website and product usability, which just happens to be the largest usability research organisation of its kind in the world.

Where should I follow Jared?

Jared’s Twitter feed is an invaluable font of UX information. In addition to sharing links to his content from other various media, Jared also uses Twitter threads to great effect. He’ll choose a topic and share all of his best bitesize tips around that topic in one long thread. Check out this one on the topic of UX portfolio building.

Anything I should read?

Check out his articles on Medium as well as his collection of world-famous talks on the UIE website.

6. Lizzie Dyson

Who is Lizzie Dyson?

From Jared Spool, one of the oldest names in UX, to one of the newest and brightest up-and-comers in the field; Lizzie Dyson has already made quite a name for herself since graduating college with a degree in web design in 2012.

After just a year working in UX in 2013, Lizzie got together with fellow UX designer Georgie Bottomley to found Ladies That UX – “a monthly meet-up that creates a welcoming, transparent community of women that work in UX, who positively promote and teach each other”.

Originally organised as a local meet-up in Manchester, Ladies That UX grew in popularity and now has a global membership with chapters in over 55 cities worldwide.

Where should I follow Lizzie?

Find Lizzie on her personal Twitter feed, as well as on the Ladies That UX feed, and also on the Talk UX feed. Talk UX is an annual international design & technology conference led by women and organised by Ladies That UX.

Anything I should read?

Not to read, but check out a video of Lizzie’s opening address at last year’s Talk UX.

7. Chris Messina

Who is Chris Messina?

Not to be confused with the actor of the same name, Chris is a product designer and technologist with over a decade of UX design experience working for big tech companies like Uber and Google. He is probably most well known as the inventor of the hashtag.

In his own words, Chris’ “skillset is broad, anchored in product and user experience design. He has created movements online and off, and has acted as an effective agent of change in large and small organisations.”

Where should I follow Chris?

Chris regularly speaks at various large conferences around the world. You can find some of these talks on YouTube or why not check out his schedule for upcoming talks and see if you can catch one live? And don’t forget to check out his Twitter feed of course!

Anything I should read?

Chris has got plenty of intriguing articles up on Medium to keep you interested.

8. Elizabeth Churchill

Who is Elizabeth Churchill?

With an extensive background in research science, psychology, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, human computer interaction and cognitive ergonomics; Elizabeth, the current Director of UX at Google, is a veritable powerhouse of innovation in the UX industry.

She has over 150 publications and 50 patents to her name and is also the vice president of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

Where should I follow Elizabeth?

Definitely check out her Twitter feed, as well as her regular column in the ACM’s Interactions magazine.

Anything I should read?

We’ll leave you to take a look at Elizabeth’s lengthy list of publications and decide where you’d like to start!

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