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If you’re looking to level up your UX skills in 2023, YouTube is a great place to start. The video-based platform has been steadily rising in popularity as a key educational resource in the UX community—but with so much amazing content out there, it’s hard to narrow down which channels are worth following. 

To help you along the way, we’ve rounded up the best  UX YouTube channels that will supercharge your UX game with invaluable insights and endless inspiration. From tutorials to career advice, walkthroughs to personal stories; these are the YouTube channels every UX professional should have on their radar in 2023. 

  1. Sarah Doody
  2. High Resolution
  3. Laith Wallace
  4. Chunbuns
  5. Maex
  6. UX Salon
  7. Caler Edwards
  8. Vaexperience
  9. Femke.design

1. Sarah Doody

sarah doody

Best for: Guidance on landing your first UX job

Even the most successful UX professionals will agree that the UX job hunt isn’t easy—especially when you’re new to the field, and grappling with impostor syndrome. To make the road to getting hired a little less rocky, Sarah Doody is the one to follow. 

Sarah Doody is a UX researcher/designer, and founder of Career Strategy Lab—a UX career incubation program. Having single-handedly helped UX professionals land more than $5 million worth of salaries in 2020 alone, Sarah’s channel is a one-stop shop for guidance and advice on how to get (and make the most out of) your first UX job. She shares tips and best practices on crafting your UX resume, acing your interviews, building a personal brand—and even dealing with rejection. 

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2. High Resolution

high resolution

Best for: Learning the design secrets of top tech companies 

Created by Jared Erondu and Bobby Ghoshal, High Resolution is a limited series made up of weekly interviews with product design experts—all of whom hail from some of the industry’s top companies (Google, eBay, and Airbnb to name a few). Each hour-long episode covers a different topic, ranging from accessible design to the importance of mentorship in UX

The series provides an exclusive look into how some of the best companies approach, communicate, and deploy design—straight from the mouths of the masterminds behind the digital experiences we know and love. This is a great channel for those looking to learn more about the value of design, and what’s coming next for the industry. 

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3. Laith Wallace

laith wallace

Best for: Motivation for new designers

London-based Laith Wallace is a product designer, motivational speaker, and productivity coach with over 12 years of industry experience. Adidas and Nestle are just some of the global brands Laith’s worked with—but despite his high-profile background, he has some of the most relatable and accessible YouTube content out there. 

Laith offers an array of motivational videos; from career and education guidance for individuals looking to break into UX, to advice on how to build confidence as a new designer. 

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4. Chunbuns


Best for: All-round guidance and insights on the world of UX

For new UX designers looking for a realistic insight into life in the field, Chunbuns is the place to be. 

San Francisco-based product designer Christine Chun posts light-hearted and realistic vlogs covering her transition from chemistry into product design. She also offers insights and tutorials for new designers, pulling on her own experiences as a design mentor. ​​Her aim? Making design education more accessible, and empowering designers to live up to their creative potential.

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5. Maex


Best for: Sketch tutorials 

If you’re a UX beginner looking to polish up your Sketch skills, Maex offers a seemingly endless supply of easy-to-follow tutorials for the tool (over 300 videos, to be exact). Through his signature upbeat teaching style, Maex will see you quickly get to grips with beginner concepts like wireframing and user flows—before moving on to some of his advanced tutorials, which cover topics like animation and responsive features. 

While most of the videos focus on Sketch, he also posts tutorials on ​​Adobe XD, InVision, Marvel, Principle, and Zeplin. 

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6. UX Salon

UX salon

Best for: Insightful talks and perspectives from UX leaders

UX salon is a well-established and highly-anticipated annual conference which brings together some of the best minds across the industry for a celebration of innovation in UX. If you’re unable to attend the conference itself, the UX Salon YouTube channel is the next best thing. 

Jam-packed with insightful talks, interviews, and in-depth explanations from the industry’s biggest names, UX Salon provides a window into what UX leaders are predicting for the future of the field. It’s truly never been more accessible to watch masterclasses on UX design, UX writing, and research from the masters themselves.

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7. Caler Edwards

Caler Edwards

Best for: UX design inspiration

If you’re a designer with a keen eye for aesthetics, Caler Edwards is a must-follow. Caler himself is a full-stack designer who focuses on minimalist design, which you could probably guess based on the aesthetics and filming style of his videos. Luckily, his YouTube channel is as educational as it is beautiful.

Caler’s channel features a mix of practical design tutorials and round-ups of the most beautiful digital designs from around the web. Whatever your reason for subscribing, we can almost guarantee his videos will leave you motivated, inspired, and all the more clued-up. 

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8. Vaexperience


Best for: UX portfolio reviews

Vy Alechnavicius wears multiple hats: Award-winning design leader, service design strategist, startup advisor, author, and all-round industry superstar. It’s no wonder his YouTube channel, Vaexperience, has a loyal following of almost 60k subscribers and counting. 

On his channel, Vy shares his unique perspectives on everything from human-centred design trends to getting set up in Sketch; and pulls from his extensive experience as an in-house UX hiring manager for his popular ‘portfolio and resume review’ videos. Whether you’re deep into your UX job hunt or looking for ways to improve your designs—you’ll be sure to learn a lot from his channel. 

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9. Femke.design


Best for: A bit of everything (guides, personal stories, and inspiration)

Based in Vancouver, Femke van Schoonhoven is a digital educator on the rise—and someone every UX designer should follow. While working as a product designer at Uber, Femke started a YouTube channel dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation of designers. Since then, her channel has well and truly taken off—with her videos accumulating well over 1 million views. 

Femke now works for Gusto, and continues to foster a dedicated community of designers in her spare time. On her channel, you’ll find tutorials, guides, personal stories, case studies—and just about everything in-between. 

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Closing thoughts

As we can see, there’s no shortage of insightful and entertaining YouTube channels available to help you improve your craft—and become a stronger, more confident UX professional. Each of these channels offers a unique perspective and area of focus, so be sure to explore as many as possible before narrowing down the channels which feel most relevant to your everyday work. 

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