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Not only is the UXDI’s Professional Diploma in UX Design the first and only of its kind to be credit-rated by an internationally recognised university; it’s also got the backing of an Industry Advisory Council comprised of some of the world’s leading tech giants.

The council ensures that the skills and knowledge we teach are at the cutting edge of what UX employers are seeking. Read on to find out more.

The growing demand for UX talent

Demand for UX professionals has never been higher and is only set to continue to grow, with the number of positions available far outweighing the number of qualified designers in current supply.

Dara Boland, a UX specialist at international recruitment firm Morgan McKinley (and a member of our Industry Advisory Council), states that the company has witnessed a massive surge in jobs in the UX space and a talent war is well underway. This is because more and more businesses of all shapes and sizes, across all industries, are backing design and seeking out the opportunities offered to them by UX.

In response to this increasing demand, UX salaries are increasing on an international scale, as big companies battle it out to source employees with the necessary skills and experience required.

In short, UX is booming right now and those who make their way onto the UX career ladder climb it relatively quickly; if they demonstrate talent and enthusiasm, along with a determined mindset.

What is the purpose of an Industry Advisory Council?

We’ve previously explored how university credit-rating achieves a lot in terms of lending legitimacy to a qualification but what about industry backing? UX is a relatively new and very fast-moving industry, with many UX working professionals constantly updating and rethinking their approach to how they work, as new tools and technology emerge.

During the development process of our educational programmes, we strive to ensure that the methods and processes our students learn are as relevant and up-to-date as those used out in the field every day by practicing UX professionals.

We want our graduates to be able to walk into their dream UX role armed with the skills and knowledge they need to excel. This is why, in addition to seeking academic approval, we also formed an Industry Advisory Council comprised of group of people from the world’s leading tech companies to oversee the development of all our educational programmes.

Regular council meetings are held twice a year.

Who makes up the UXDI’s Industry Advisory Council?

Members of the council hail from three main types of organisations; global technology leaders that employ UX graduates and professionals; startups and agencies making practical use of the latest design techniques; as well as recruitment agencies involved in sourcing and placing UX professionals.

Some examples of members from previous council meetings; Mastercard, SAP, Dell, Distilled Schibsted, Virgin Media Ireland, Frontend, Morgan McKinley, RaboDirect Ireland, Wipro Digital, Slack, Zartis.

What happens at Industry Advisory Council meetings?

To get a better idea of the council’s processes, why not check out the minutes from some of our recent meetings?

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