Success stories
from our students

Success stories
from our students

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I really enjoy how the course is set out. You can go at your own pace, and there is always someone available via Slack or email to answer questions.

Seanna Cooke

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Oval Seanna

This course has been really great! I recently completed it and got my diploma. Being certified has already given me the opportunity to work on various UX projects.

Joost Verheven

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Oval Joost
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Daniel Guy Profile Image

Daniel Guy

UX Designer at CEWE

“Completing the diploma is probably the best decision I’ve made in my career so far. I would definitely recommend it... to give you the skillset that you need and the confidence to act on it. I don’t think I could say anything better than that!”

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Stephanie Bell Profile Image

Stephanie Bell

UX Designer at The Hut Group

“The professional diploma really helped me get my current job as a UX designer. The course was really helpful because I had a design portfolio when I was applying for UX designer jobs but the UX knowledge from the course really gave me an extra boost. I had put together a portfolio based on all of the research I carried out during the course modules. I brought that into the interview with me and that's really what sold it.”

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Julia Mullinger Profile Image

Julia Mullinger

UX Consultant, User Vision

“I looked at boot camps but they were very expensive and much shorter. I didn’t see how I was going to come away with anything really practical after just a few days. I wanted something really solid that would actually help me change career. That’s why I chose the diploma.”

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Jenny Björkman Profile Image

Jenny Björkman

UX Lead at Sustainably

“I would highly recommend UXDI to others. These guys really know what they’re doing. The course has not only given me the ability to do UX, but the confidence to do it as well.”

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Alessio Ferracuti Profile Image

Alessio Ferracuti

UX Designer at IES Ltd.

“The course was perfect for me. It gives you everything you need to succeed in your career. My course portfolio is how I got my job, it shows that you have the knowledge. You can talk about UX design, but you can also present a body of work.”

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Helen Peak Profile Image

Helen Peak

Head of Design & Marketing at Deblur Ltd

“I wanted to do an online course, something more in-depth without having to return to university. I had to be able to work full-time so I needed something flexible.”

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Azeem Butt Profile Image

Azeem Butt

Business Analyst at FDM

“I’d definitely recommend the diploma to anyone who wants to get into UX because you come out with such a valuable portfolio. The course really improved my confidence and helped me communicate better with senior stakeholders in the business.”

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Christian Richards Profile Image

Christian Richards

UX Researcher at Equator

“You see a lot of bootcamps that are popping up but the backing of a university like Glasgow Caledonian mattered. They have a very strong reputation when it comes to design and it adds so much more weight to the qualification.”

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Angus Carbarns Profile Image

Angus Carbarns

UX Consultant at We Are Engines

“The course gave me the confidence to approach my work in a better way. It was really valuable because it gave me more credibility talking to clients or prospective clients. The university credit rating really adds weight; it gives you that authority.”

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Philip Joyce Profile Image

Philip Joyce

Manager, User Experience, Mastercard

“I have since progressed to being a UX Manager for one of the world’s biggest companies, helping build products by speaking to real users and applying core principles I learned from the course.”

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Sergio Requena Profile Image

Sergio Requena

User Experience Designer at IBM

“I would recommend the UXDI because of the teaching and mentoring skills, as well as the UX expertise that Colman brings to the course. He is a true UX guru.”

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Sean Russell Profile Image

Sean Russell

Experience Researcher, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“This course has really helped me to refine my own UX process.”

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Kate Phillips Profile Image

Kate Phillips

Innovation Lab Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia

“Completing the course supported a career transition for me. I wanted to gain more experience in customer centric design tools to support a transition to a more digital space.”

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A. McGonigle Profile Image

A. McGonigle

UX/UI Product Designer at FS Investments

“I now work as a specialist in UX/UI design - exactly where I hoped this career change would take me.”

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Mary O’Gorman Profile Image

Mary O’Gorman

Senior Product Designer at Udemy

“Since completing the course, I brought the UX process into my work. In the last few years, my career has progressed as a UX designer and teacher.”

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Alan Hehir Profile Image

Alan Hehir

UI & UX Designer at Analog Devices

“Since completing the course, I have changed position into my current role as a UX Lead.”

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David Broomfield Profile Image

David Broomfield

Moodle Lead, Hampshire Fire and Rescue

“This course has given me the tools I needed to be able to run my own successful UX projects.”

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