Why learn online?
Your place, your pace
Why learn
Your place,
your pace
Online learning works
Online learning is growing globally. There are 5.8 million online university students in the U.S. alone.
Multimedia learning
Our video modules are crafted to give you an unbeatable learner experience — helping you to find more meaning and retain knowledge better.
Always-on access
Course access is live for 12 months. You can review and revise, at any time, without the need for endless note-taking.
Why online learning?

Online learning lets you benefit from flexibility with structure.

We provide you with all of the university aligned materials, connect you with a study peer group and provide mentor-led webinars, to get you on the way to becoming a fully qualified UX designer within months.

Whether you’re at your best in the morning, or prefer to burn the midnight oil: online learning allows you to control your own schedule. Lectures are available 24/7. Perfect for part-time and working students.
You can bring your work with you, study at home or out in a coffee shop. The world is your classroom.
Support and structure
To ensure you stay motivated and connected, you’ll be learning alongside a small team of fellow students. Our coursework is structured with monthly deadlines and webinars, designed to accelerate your progress.
Outcomes for you
Independent learning is a great skill. It proves self-motivation, plus the ability to meet deadlines and hit targets: all valuable skills in today’s workplace.
You’ll understand the key UX skills and concepts and you’ll learn how to adopt the UX mindset. Attendees consistently give positive feedback after completing the course and praise its exceptional value for money.
  • Think like a UX designer; adopt the mindset that sets them apart
  • Speak with the confidence that comes from a true, deep understanding of UX
  • Advance your career with job-ready skills
  • Showcase your knowledge and skills with a portfolio of project work
  • Earn a university-accredited diploma, a globally recognised qualification
  • Become a Certified UX Professional

“Since completing the course, I have changed position into my current role as a UX Lead.”

Alan Hehir
UI & UX Designer at Analog Devices