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UX Design Course

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Professional Diploma in UX Design

Our UX design course is the industry standard qualification.

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What you’ll learn?
The full UX process
6 months
5 hours per week
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$3,950 $3,450 or
$439 $384 x 9 payments
Online, self-paced with live support and mentoring


A qualification recognised by employers everywhere

Employers and hiring managers value the high standards of a university credit-rated UX design course.

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Stand out with a real, university credit-rated qualification
Not a lightweight bootcamp ‘certificate’.
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Learn an in-demand skill
UX is one of the top skill priorities for businesses globally.
World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs Report, 2023
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Prove you’re serious with a genuine education
Created by professionals. Validated by experts. Certified by university.
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Build your confidence (and ace your job interviews)
With a true, deep understanding of UX design.
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Showcase your skills and expertise
With tutor-graded projects and a professional portfolio.
Diploma certification

“The university credit rating was really important. When I was applying for UX jobs it showed employers that I had a distinguished, reputable and legitimate qualification. I hadn't just done some random UX design course online.”

Stephanie Bell
Stephanie Bell
Senior UX Consultant
@Infinity Works
Statistics progress

79% of graduates from our Professional Diploma in UX Design get jobs in UX*

* Based on a survey sent to graduates, 12 months after engaging with our careers team


Live mentor feedback

Get expert feedback and support during multiple mentor-led workshops every week. Our mentors are all seasoned professionals with a genuine passion for UX.

A selection of some of our mentors:


A comprehensive, in-depth curriculum

Self-paced learning gives you the flexibility to study in your own time. Monthly deadlines and submissions give you structure and accountability. Our UX design course gives you the best of both worlds. To see the full UX design syllabus, request more details.

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Module 1
Introduction to UX Design
Gain a deep understanding of the UX design process.
Module 2
User research
Master core research methods, from usability testing to depth interviews.
Module 3
Analysis techniques
Translate research data into user goals, personas and journey maps.
Module 4
Structure and navigation
Define navigation, user flows and information architecture.
Module 5
Dig into the details of interaction design and sketching.
Module 6
Design principles
Harness the power of design principles to create better software.
Module 7
Design patterns
Discover proven techniques to increase the usability of any design.
Module 8
Mobile UX
Learn how to design mobile websites and applications.
Module 9
Master the details of designing common user workflows.
Module 10
Prototyping and wireframing
Build interactive prototypes and annotate your designs.
Module 11 New
AI and UX design
Explore how AI tools can assist UX designers.
Module 12
Creating your portfolio
Learn how to structure your portfolio to best showcase your skills.
Portfolio projects
Portfolio projects
Develop your UX portfolio and demonstrate your job readiness through a series of real-world projects.
Weekly feedback webinars
Weekly feedback webinars
Attend mentor-led webinars designed to provide valuable feedback and expert guidance for your projects.
Industry tools
Industry tools
Work on your projects using industry-standard tools, such as Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch.

Request more details to view the full UX design course syllabus:


Career guidance, tutor support and community

Through our UX design course, you'll never work alone with personal support from our education advisors, course tutors, and a thriving community of fellow students.

Career guidance
One-to-one, personal career advice. How to create the best UX portfolio. How to prepare for interviews. How to stand out to employers. How to get your first job.
Career guidance
Tutor support
Got questions? Looking for feedback? Need encouragement? Our course tutors are always there to help.
Tutor support
Join a thriving Slack community of current and past students. Buzzing with advice, support, feedback, job tips and more.
‘UX Insiders’ webinars
Hugely popular monthly webinars. Learn what life is like as a UX professional.
‘UX Insiders’ webinars
Helen Willmot

“We’re hugely impressed with the quality of the graduates that have joined Dentsu from the UX Design Institute. We have recruited many graduates to our teams worldwide and plan to hire more.”

Helen Willmot
UX and Insights Director
Company Logo

Free consultation

Need to talk to an expert?

Book a free, no pressure consultation with one of our education advisors.

From teachers to taxi drivers, our team has helped thousands of people from different backgrounds make a career transition with our UX course.

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are available for advice

What will you talk about on the call?

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Your background
Is UX for you?
list bullet icon
Your skills
Are they transferable to UX?
list bullet icon
Working in UX design
What is the job really like?
list bullet icon
The UX job market
What do you need to land your first role?
list bullet icon
What do UX Designers earn?
list bullet icon
Career switching
How do you move to UX from a different career?
list bullet icon
UX or UI
What is the difference between them?
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Course flexibility
Can I fit the course in around my busy schedule?

Success stories

Our students find jobs they love

Thousands of our students have started rewarding careers with great companies. You can too.

Shreya Choudhari
Hired Hired
Shreya Choudhari
Product Designer
“I got a job in UX less than a month after completing my diploma. The mentors were always willing to schedule one-on-one sessions to go over the portfolio and prepare for interviews. As a former iOS developer switching to UX design, the UX Design Institute played a crucial role in my career change.”
Shreya Choudhari
Product Designer
Annie Crossland
Hired Hired
Annie Crossland
Product Designer
“I managed to secure a new job as a Product Designer before I even completed the Professional Diploma in UX Design. So I would absolutely recommend the course. The student support has been amazing.”
Annie Crossland
Product Designer
Harry French
Hired Hired
Harry French
UX Researcher
Sean Conlon
Hired Hired
Sean Conlon
Product Designer
Cassandra Cardiff
Hired Hired
Cassandra Cardiff
Senior User Researcher
Christian Richards
Hired Hired
Christian Richards
Senior UX Designer
@The Weir Group

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Frequently asked questions

Not sure? Need advice?

Our education advisors are here to answer your questions. Get honest and impartial advice on how to successfully make a career transition to UX design.

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are available for advice
What is UX design?
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UX stands for user experience. UX design is all about shaping how a user feels when they interact with a product or service.

What does a UX designer do?
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The day-to-day tasks of a UX designer are determined by the UX process. The UX process broadly consists of research, design, and testing and validation. Click here to learn more.

How much do UX designers earn?
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How much you make in UX design depends on a variety of factors. These include everything from where you work and what you do, right through to how much experience you have and who you work for. Click here to see how much you can earn.

Will AI replace UX designers?
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It’s highly unlikely that AI will replace the need for UX designers. UX is far too reliant on the human touch. Empathy will always be number one when it comes to designing user-friendly products. Read more here.

What are the admissions criteria?
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Students are admitted on a case-by-case basis after a consultation with one of our Education Advisors. Key factors we’ll discuss with you include:

1. Background

You don’t need experience in design or technology to enrol in our courses, although having one or both is a definite bonus. Our students come from a diverse mix of backgrounds, including project management, development, graphic design, product management, business analysis and so on.

2. Commitment

You do need to be motivated and committed. We set a high bar. Studying for one of our professional qualifications requires a certain amount of time, energy and focus. Our team will be there to support you along every step of the way but success will come as a result of your own diligence.

3. English language

You need to be comfortable learning in English. All video lessons, course materials, webinars, correspondence and the final exam are delivered in English.

How flexible is the course?
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There are two learning paths available to you:

1. Structured path

The most popular option is to follow the six-month structure. Each month you are given a deadline with a number of video lessons to complete. A monthly mentor-hosted webinar allows you to discuss coursework to date, ask questions and get feedback on your assignment.

2. Self-directed path

Alternatively, according to your personal time constraints, you can complete the course entirely at your own pace. As the course is delivered entirely online, it means that you’re free to complete it whenever you are free. You’ll still be able to take part in any of the webinars - either live or catching up through recordings. Once enrolled, you'll have access to all of the course materials for twelve months.

Will I get a mentor?
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Yes. All our mentors are top class UX professionals with many years of experience working in the field. Our mentors host weekly webinars and will be available during these live sessions to answer questions, review projects and keep you motivated.

Will I build a portfolio?
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Yes. Practical work is a huge part of the course. For the Professional Diploma in UX Design there are a total of 16 projects to give you hands-on experience on all the key aspects of UX. Each project is part of a single case study - researching, designing and prototyping a website or a mobile app. The output will be a portfolio of work that will showcase your skills and experience in UX.

Will I work on a team?
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Yes, if you want to. Each course is limited to a maximum of 75 people. This allows you to build relationships with your fellow students on a dedicated Slack channel, and collaborate on projects and study time.

Is the course recognised internationally?
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The UK higher education system is internationally renowned for its excellent standards. Our courses are all credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University, a highly-rated UK university. The Professional Diploma in UX Design is allocated 30 credits at Level 8 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. For your country, there will be an equivalent award in the relevant educational system.

For guidance, please review the Certification Equivalents Table.

Are there other course start dates available?
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We hold multiple course enrolments throughout the year. Book a call for details about future course start dates.