Evolving Professional Diploma in UX Design: GCU increases credits reflecting program enhancements

The increase in university credits for our Professional Diploma in UX Design, reflects the programme’s continuous evolution and industry relevance.

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Evolving Professional Diploma in UX Design: GCU Increases University Credits 

In the fast-paced world of user experience (UX) design, staying ahead of the curve is essential. To ensure that our students receive the highest quality education in this ever-changing field, we, at UX Design Institute, are excited to announce a significant update to our Professional Diploma in UX Design

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), our esteemed credit-rating partner university, is increasing the number of credits awarded to graduates of the program through the Scottish Credits and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). The programme will now be awarded 30 SCQF credits, compared to 20 credits previously. This increase is a testament to the continuous evolution of our courses and the commitment we have to providing the best learning experience for our students.

The evolution of the Professional Diploma in UX Design

Since its initial credit rating in 2018, our Professional Diploma in UX Design has seen remarkable growth and enhancement. Our courses are audited annually by GCU to ensure we meet high standards of student support, graduate outcomes, content quality, and industry relevance. Over the years, we have continuosly worked to enrich the program, enabling our students to gain practical knowledge and skills that are in demand in the job market.

It is due to this rigour that the Professional Diploma will now be worth 30 SCQF credits. This is equivalent to 15 credits on the European Credit and Transfer System (ECTS), which allows students to apply their credits to learning at other European third level institutions. This increase is a direct result of the substantial growth in the breadth and depth of content within the program.

Global recognition and transferability

One of the key benefits of the increased credit rating is the global recognition and transferability of these credits. SCQF and ECTS credits are widely recognized internationally, opening doors for our students to apply their earned credits to other 3rd-level and professional development programs worldwide. 

In a competitive job market, having a university credit-rated qualification sets our students apart from candidates with certifications from free courses or unregulated providers. 

What’s changed

A lot has been updated within the course content itself to ensure it’s current and the most valuable education we can provide our students. In addition to those content updates, we’ve also added the following:

  • Enhanced Career Support Services: We believe in empowering our students to succeed beyond the classroom. In addition to our current and high quality education, we also provide essential career support services, including resume reviews and interview prep, that help our students find jobs they love.
  • Live Mentor Sessions: Connecting our students with industry professionals has been pivotal in their career journeys into UX design. Our weekly mentor sessions and monthly UX Insider webinar series allows students to learn from and interact with experienced UX practitioners.
  • Up-to-date Figma education: Figma is an essential tool in the UX designer’s toolkit. We regularly update our content to reflect the latest features and best practices for getting the most from Figma.
  • Portfolio Preparation: A strong portfolio is crucial for UX designers to showcase their skills and find the perfect job. Our program includes comprehensive guidance on creating an impressive portfolio that will make our students stand out to employers.

At UX Design Institute, we are committed to providing the gold-standard in UX design education. The increase in university credits for our Professional Diploma in UX Design, reflects the programme’s continuous evolution and industry relevance. With enhanced content and improved career support, our students are well-prepared to excel in the competitive world of UX design. 

Join us in this exciting journey of learning and advancement. Enroll in our Professional Diploma in UX Design and embark on a rewarding career in the dynamic field of user experience design. 

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