Sean Russell
Sean Russell

Experience Researcher, Commonwealth Bank Australia

Tell us a bit about your career before you studied UX with us?

“I had worked in UX for a number of years, primarily across research, copy, design and dev. My experience and projects spanned multiple industries including health, online gaming, finance and FMCG.”

Why did you want to learn more about UX?

“In short, I was looking for new and better ways of bringing clients and colleagues along the journey of UX when tackling a new project.”

Why did you choose to study UX with us?

“Back then, I struggled to win clients over; communicating the value of an experience that both delivered to their outcomes AND delighted our customers. Often I spent more time defending what we do rather than getting down to solving the real problem at hand.

“I hoped this course would provide me with the tools to overcome this. And it did so!”

Since completing the course, how has your career progressed?

“Confidence - the course has really helped my confidence as UX lead within the team I worked in at the time. I now manage a much larger team, all of whom have been indoctrinated into the Colman School of Thought!

“In-demand - the practical tips and resources from the course. Our client workshops are fun, effective and in-demand. Our clients are excited to get stuck in with post-its and sketching and word has spread across the organisation!

“Personal process - the course has helped me to refine my own UX process within the team, leveraging a lot of the Lean UX material from the course.”

Would you recommend the course to others? Why?

“Yes - 100 per cent. UX is now a built-in part of everything we do at work, which means it’s - well - less work! I already recommend this course to just about anyone who has an interest in UX and will continue to do so in the future. 10 out of 10, you won’t be disappointed.”

In one word, how would you describe your experience on the course?

“Go hiontach ar fad! For non-Irish speakers, this means, ‘Really great!’”

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