From Carpenter to UX Designer

Jonny Fraser

UX Designer at iheed

Jonny Fraser

What’s your career background?

I’ve worked as a carpenter and I’ve studied sound engineering and design. I’ve always been interested in design and making things.

What interested you about UX?

When I went to Uganda to develop a carpentry training school in a slum community, I really discovered the importance of understanding how people will use your space before creating it. UX stood out to me when I was researching in-demand jobs a few years later. UX and carpentry have a shared desire to make things work for people.

Why did you choose the Professional Diploma in UX?

The UX Design Institute’s curriculum seemed relevant and up to date, that really appealed to me. Plus, I thought employers would like that it was credit-rated by the Glasgow Caledonian University.

It was really important that I could complete the course in my own time. I liked that there weren’t any time frames to complete the courses but suggested paths instead.

Since completing the course, how has your career progressed?

I reached out to a few companies and sent them a handy link to my portfolio. Employers knew I had limited UX experience but they liked the fact that I was passionate about learning. I love what I do now and I wouldn’t be where I am without the UX Design Institute.

Would you recommend the course to others? Why?

I’d tell them to go for it. I know a lot of people who are trying to get into UX right now with limited experience. The course helped me to learn new skills and break into the industry.

If they’re seriously looking for a UX job, I’d just say to spend as much time as possible on your portfolio and be prepared to learn new things.

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