Web Designer to UX Designer

Daniel Guy

Interaction Designer, Ministry of Justice UK

Daniel Guy

What’s your career background?

I came from the graphic design angle. I really enjoyed the whole brand aspect of graphic design but I didn’t feel like anything I made was really impacting the world. That realisation started my journey towards web design and ultimately, UX.

What interested you about UX?

I found web design more dynamic than graphic design and I enjoyed the behavioral aspect too. That change in thinking got me into the realm of users and how they behave. From there, I was very much interested in trying to facilitate how users behave online and make things easier for them.

Why did you choose the Professional Diploma in UX?

Back when I started working in my current company, the senior designer had recently left so I had some pretty big boots to fill. Luckily, my boss noticed the Professional Diploma in UX and she asked if it was something I was interested in. I said “absolutely.” I needed to learn a lot of information in a short space of time and it really fulfilled those requirements.

Since completing the course, how has your career progressed?

As soon as I passed my exam, I began implementing what I had learnt on the course into my work. The course has given me confidence in my ability to do UX. I think you need that, particularly when you get pushback from management and stakeholders.

Would you recommend the course to others? Why?

I would definitely recommend the course to others. It’s probably the best decision I’ve made in my career so far. It empowers you with the skills you need and the confidence to do it.

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