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UX training for teams

UX is at the nexus of where customers interact with your business. Inspire, inform and empower your teams with training from the global leaders in UX education and training. Give them the skills, principles and know-how to develop great products and services.

Why invest in UX?

Transform your team
from good to great

People don’t buy technology. People buy solutions to their problems. Transform your business outcomes by shifting your company’s mindset from building features to solving problems.

Close the skills gap

Empower your teams with the skills and mindset they need to succeed in a digital-first workplace.

Drive cultural change

Change the way your teams think about technology, customers and product development.

Understand your customers

Gain a better understanding of your customers' problems and learn how you can build better products to help solve them.


87% of business leaders experience skill gaps due to technology trends.

McKinsey, 2020


79% of UX leaders believe the demand for UX skills at their company will increase over the next 1-2 years.

UX Design Institute, 2023


52% of IT professionals working in software see UX as their critical priority for 2023.

CompTIA, 2022

“The UX Design Institute’s programme has helped to round out the skills of the whole team. It has been an essential component of increasing the overall design maturity of our organisation.”

Christopher Donnelly

Christopher Donnelly

Associate Design Director

“Complete, collaborative, hands-on training. It had a lasting effect on the way we look at UX design.”

Lennard Kager

Lennard Kager

Senior UX Analyst

“Accenture is proud to partner with the UX Design Institute. The quality of their education, their reputation in the market and their track record at producing high-quality, job-ready graduates made them the obvious choice.”

Nichola Wolfe

Nichola Wolfe

Experience Strategy Consultant

Customised training for busy teams

Our programmes are structured to keep learners motivated and engaged, with the flexibility to fit into busy schedules.

Targeted training
Choose from a suite of modular programs to build the specific skills your teams need.
Expert lessons are reinforced with hands-on, practical and engaging exercises.
Flexible delivery
Learn via self-paced courses, live online classes or a combination of both.
Guided by experts
Your team will be guided by our panel of skilled, experienced UX professionals.

Industry approved training

Our courses are overseen and validated by digital leaders from the top companies in tech. Together we ensure we are building the skills employers need today.

Student stories
Members of the Industry Advisory Council Right arrow
Tansy Murray

“We look for people with the right mix of UX skills and a problem-solving mindset. My role on the Advisory Council is to help ensure the UX Design Institute produces graduates with the qualities that employers find valuable.”

Tansy Murray

Tansy Murray

Director, Product Design

Industry-leading satisfaction scores

No other training provider comes close to our levels of customer satisfaction.

NPS Net Promoter Score
% CSAT Customer Satisfaction

Supporting you and your team

Your team will be supported throughout their learning experience by our student success team.

The student success team will:

  • Keep them on track and accountable
  • Keep them motivated and engaged
  • Guide them through to course completion
  • Help reinforce what they learn
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