David Broomfield
David Broomfield

Moodle Lead, Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Tell us a bit about your career before you studied UX with us?

“I didn’t have any formal training in UX but have always tried to make things easier for users. I have a varied background based in programming, IT, web design, graphic design and video production so have always been very visual and technical.

“It was always interesting to me why some things were very easy to use and other things weren’t. I just didn’t know how to find out what things made it easier to use.”

Why did you want to learn more about UX?

“After moving to my current role in the fire service - looking after the website that all our staff use for their training - I wanted to find out more about what our staff’s opinions of the site were.

“A lot of people fed back that the system was frustrating, overly busy and intimidating. It was from this that I knew I had to get some training in the hows and whys of user experience so that I could solve the issues they were facing.”

Why did you choose to study UX with us?

“Following a lot of looking into the various training providers, you guys seemed to really practise what you preached with your website and the training content listed.

“What I liked was that you didn’t just focus on the graphical parts of a system but covered the whole lifetime of a UX project.”

Since completing the course, how has your career progressed?

“The course gave me everything I needed to run my own UX project to redevelop the training website. It ran for over ten months and every decision that we made was completely centred around our users. They were fully involved at each stage of the project and given lots of opportunities to feedback on the various design choices we made.

“Since the website was launched, I have received really good feedback. My users now don’t have the issues with frustration or finding the system intimidating. Many have come back to say how much ‘nicer’ the system is to use.

“As well as redeveloping the website, I have also been trying to bring in UX techniques to all of our systems. I have actively pursued getting UX into the centre of everything we do digitally within the fire service.”

Would you recommend the course to others? Why?

“Absolutely. The training takes you right from the very basics and guides you through every stage of a UX project. It explains why each stage is important and why you shouldn’t skip ahead to the more glamorous design stages without the foundations of research and user testing.

“Real world examples and being trained by a UX professional meant that I was confident that I was being taught the right things. The fact that we got to work on a real life UX project life cycle during the course meant that I could fully understand the importance of doing things at the right times.

“This course has given me the tools I needed to be able to run my own successful UX projects.”

In one word, how would you describe your experience on the course?


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