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Breaking into: The UX of VR

Morgan Chin, Product Designer at Meta

Virtual Reality is shaping the future of technology but how do we make it your reality? Join Morgan Chin, a Virtual Reality Product Designer and World Builder with Meta, as she explains how to get started designing for VR. Having fully immersed herself in VR, she will share practical advice on becoming a Product Designer in this area. Taking you step by step, learn all about breaking into a career in VR, the VR design process and the important role that UX design plays in this new frontier.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Wednesday 14 September 2022

18:00 Irish time

Webinar agenda

It is easy to feel intimidated when trying to solve user problems for a space that you are not very familiar with. Two years ago, Morgan had never put on a Virtual Reality headset before and now she is a full time Product Designer in VR at Meta. For anyone curious about a career in this field, she will share some tips and tricks to help you feel more confident to start designing your own Virtual Reality experiences.

You will learn:
  • The VR design process
  • Considerations for Virtual Reality UX design
  • Creating for VR without code


Morgan Chin
Morgan Chin
Product Designer at Meta

Morgan Chin is a Product Designer working at Meta in Virtual Reality. She transitioned into the field of UX three years ago after working as an elementary school teacher. She got her Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech and started working at Meta after graduation. Outside of work, Morgan is passionate about Virtual Reality and increasing diversity in the tech field. On social media, she documents her journey into technology, raises awareness around VR world building and shares tips for people transitioning into tech.