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Tools and tips: prototyping in Figma

Luis Ouriach, Designer Advocate at Figma

Figma is an essential tool for all designers. Used to wireframe websites, design mobile app interfaces and prototype designs, everyone has a different approach to using Figma to create the best end product. But do you want to know how to create the best prototypes using Figma? Join Luis Ouriach, a Designer Advocate at Figma, as he shares his best tips to create the most efficient and effective UX and UI designs on Figma.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Wednesday 6 July 2022

18:00 Irish Time

Webinar agenda

Starting from a simple prototype interaction, Luis will explain in a practical demonstration how you can layer up your prototypes to create more scalable and component-based prototypes using Figma. By implementing these new practices, you will learn how to save time on a project, while creating designs more efficiently. In the hour-long chat, Luis will expertly get you up to speed on Figma and he will answer any questions guests may have on different design techniques.

Topics covered:
  • Using Figma for everyday UX and UI design projects
  • Layering prototypes to create more scalable prototypes
  • Saving time on a project by designing more efficiently


Srecko Dimitrijevic
Luis Ouriach
Designer Advocate at Figma

Luis Ouriach is a designer advocate at Figma, newsletter writer (Milk, No Sugar), podcaster (8px Radio) and professional Twitter memer (@disco_lu). In his role, he evangelises Figma amongst the wider European design community. He also collaborates with product, design and engineering teams to help improve and enable design at scale, while creating best practice guides and content across written, audio and visual mediums.