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Jenny Björkman
Jenny Björkman

UX Professional, Interaktiv Studio

Tell us a bit about your career before you studied UX with us?

“I started out in Information Design, which was like UX on paper before UX existed. I loved the job, as it was the perfect 50:50 split of logic and creative, but there was no career progression, so I moved into Project Management. I did agile, waterfall and six sigma, before moving into Marketing.

Then I met my husband, who was Creative Director at a digital design agency. When I told him about my old Information Design job and why I loved it, he said ‘You should do UX’. I started looking into it and thought ‘Yes - this is for me’, so I started pushing the boundaries of my Marketing role to include UX work.

The Head of UX at the time suggested I do a course, so I booked onto the UX Design Institute’s (UXDI) two day face-to-face course. I then did their short online course. Both of these confirmed that UX was definitely what I wanted to do, so when the UXDI contacted me about the diploma, I packed in my job to start the course. ”

Why did you want to learn more about UX?

“Moving into UX has been my only career goal for the last three years.

Why did you choose to study UX with us?

“I’d been really impressed with the UXDI when I did the two day face-to-face course and the short online course, so I knew exactly what I was getting into. They’re a great company, with fantastic staff, who really care about their students.”

Since completing the course, how has your career progressed?

“My husband and I have opened a design studio called Interaktiv Ltd. and two weeks before the course finished, I landed my first UX contract doing some work for an exciting startup FinTech in Edinburgh called Sustainably.”

Would you recommend the course to others? Why?

“I would highly recommend UXDI to others. These guys really know what they’re doing. The course has not only given me the ability to do UX, but has given the confidence to do it as well.”

In one word, how would you describe your experience on the course?


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