Professional Certificate in Visual Design

Professional Certificate in Visual Design

Who is it for?

Experienced UX professionals


3 months


3 hours per week




Online, self-paced
Our alumni work with the world’s leading companies

Professional Certificate in
Visual Design

University credit-rated by:
Glasgow Caledonian University

What is visual design?

Visual design is a specialist skill within the UX design process. Also known as UI design, it focuses on the aesthetics of software interfaces.

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Visual design
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Why get certified in Visual Design?

Better communications
Strong communication skills lead to effective designs. Build your confidence and authority with inside-out knowledge of this critical domain.
Deeper knowledge
Validate your existing knowledge and push deeper into the latest design techniques and trends.

Diverse skills
Learning never stops. Boost your career and differentiate your skillset with a world-class, credit-rated certification.
Niall Moran
Niall Moran

UI designer, Ryanair

"After completing the professional diploma in UX, the next logical step for me was to gain a greater understanding of user interface design, and the UI course did exactly that. These two courses have provided me with the tools, knowledge, and confidence required to start a career in UX design."

Next course commences:
14 December 2021

Limited spaces available

Early bird price until
16 November 2021
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What you’ll learn

We’ve put together a university credit-rated curriculum that’s deep, rigorous and covers everything you need to know to become a successful UI professional.

To see the full syllabus register your interest below.

Module 1

Introduction to visual design

Understand the role of the UI designer and why good UI matters.

Module 2

Brand and personality

Discover how to infuse a brand’s personality into any design.

Module 3


Acquire the fundamentals of layout: grids, alignment and space.

Module 4

Design principles

Guide users through your interface using the principles of design.

Module 5


Explore the various components that make a design interactive.

Module 6


Understand the importance and power of typography in design.

Module 7

Colour, shapes and effects

Discover the role of colour, shapes and effects in UI design.

Module 8

Iconography and imagery

Identify how to use icons, illustrations and images to maximum effect.

Module 9

Design process

Learn how an interface goes from sketches to a polished interface.

Module 10

Presenting designs

Learn how to prepare designs for presentation and handover.


Project and portfolio

Develop your UI portfolio through a series of step-by-step activities.


60-minute final exam

Get assessed on your knowledge through a final exam.

“An exceptional learning experience”

We’ve worked hard to design the best possible online learning experience for you. As well as an unrivalled syllabus, our approach includes:


Learn the theory and retain the knowledge during simple, step-by-step projects.

Expert mentors

Be guided by expert design mentors during monthly group sessions.

Structure and flexibility

Stay motivated with a structured programme that fits into your schedule.


Our friendly Student Success team will help you stay on track and keep you accountable.

Student community

Connect with our global student community to brainstorm, share knowledge and get ideas.

Career coaching

Master the UX/UI job search and build your network wih our career specialists.

Outcomes for you

Get a professional foundation in visual design principles and techniques.

  • Enhanced ability to lead and communicate with design teams
  • Create better designs with a deeper understanding of visual design
  • Validate your knowledge with a university recognised qualification
  • Increased skillset to advance your career
  • Professional Certificate in Visual Design in just 12 weeks
Ketan Mistry
Ketan Mistry

UX/UI Designer, Clothes2Order

After I graduated from the Professional Diploma in UX Design, I also completed the Professional Certificate in Visual Design. I wanted to further enhance my skills with a better understanding of UI which means I can now create better designs.

Register your interest

After you register, one of our team will be in touch to give you more details about the course and answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, if you're happy to get started, you can enroll today.

Frequently asked questions

More questions? Schedule a call with an educational advisor, or email us at

What are the admissions criteria?

Students are admitted on a case-by-case basis after a consultation with one of our Education Advisors. Key factors we’ll discuss with you include:

1. Background

You don’t need experience in design or technology to enroll in our courses, although having one or both is a definite bonus. Our students come from a diverse mix of backgrounds, including project management, development, graphic design, product management, business analysis, and so on.

2. Commitment

You do need to be motivated and committed. We set a high bar. Studying for one of our professional qualifications requires a certain amount of time, energy and focus. Our team will be there to support you along every step of the way but success will come as a result of your own diligence.

3. English language

You need to be comfortable learning in English. All video lessons, course materials, webinars, correspondence, and the final exam are delivered in English.

How is the course structured?

There are two learning paths available to you:

1. Structured path

The most popular option is to follow the three month structure. Each month you are given a deadline with a number of video lessons to complete. A monthly mentor-hosted webinar allows you to discuss coursework to date, ask questions and get feedback on your assignment.

2. Self-directed path

Alternatively, according to your personal time constraints, you can complete the course entirely at your own pace. As the course is delivered entirely online, it means that you’re free to complete it whenever you are free. You’ll still be able to take part in any of the webinars - either live or catching up through recordings. Once enrolled, you'll have access to all of the course materials for six months.

Will I get a mentor?

Yes. Each course has a dedicated mentor. All our mentors are top-class UX professionals with many years of experience working in the field. Your mentor will host your monthly webinars, and will be available during those sessions to answer questions, review projects, and keep you motivated.

Will I build a portfolio?

Yes. Practical work is a huge part of the course. For the Professional Diploma in UX Design there are a total of 16 projects to give you hands-on experience on all the key aspects of UX. Each project is part of a single case study - researching, designing, and prototyping a website or a mobile app. The output will be a portfolio of work that will showcase your skills and experience in UX.

Will I work on a team?

Yes, if you want to. Each course is limited to a maximum of 75 people. This allows you to build relationships with your fellow students on a dedicated Slack channel, and collaborate on projects and study time.

Are the courses recognised?

The UK higher education system is internationally renowned for its excellent standards. Our courses are all credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University, a highly-rated UK university. The Professional Diploma in UX Design is allocated 20 credits at Level 8 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework and the Professional Certificate in Visual Design is allocated 12. For your country, there will be an equivalent award in the relevant educational system. For guidance, please review the Certification Equivalents Table.