Boost your career
with UX Foundation
Boost your
career with
UX Foundation
Get work-ready UX skills
We blend the theoretical with the practical. You’ll come away from the UX Foundation course with knowledge and techniques that can be applied back in the office the next day.
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Fast track your UX knowledge

With a two day training course that’s unrivalled in the depth and detail of its content.

Immerse yourself
Learn the key concepts and techniques of user experience design during the course. UX is a broad field, covering psychology, research, analysis, design and prototyping. You’ll dive deeply into each topic, immersing yourself in the key skills and concepts. It’s fast-paced, interactive and fun.
We believe in learn-by-doing. So you won’t be sitting through a two-day lecture. You’ll be on your feet, getting practical experience within teams. Because we know that people learn best when they get a chance to do it themselves.
Learn to change mindsets
You’ll fully understand the value of UX in making digital products that really meet users’ needs. This will enable you to be an advocate for UX in your company. Need some help convincing your boss that this course is right for you? Check out our handy Convince Your Boss document.
Outcomes for you
You’ll follow the real life cycle of a UX project during the course, covering topics such as UX principles, user research, analysis frameworks, interaction design, prototyping and wireframming.
You’ll understand the key UX skills and concepts and you’ll learn how to adopt the UX mindset. Attendees consistently give positive feedback after completing the course and praise its exceptional value for money.
  • A better ability to see software products from your end-user’s perspective
  • Speak with the confidence that comes from a true, deep understanding of UX
  • Think like a UX designer; adopt the mindset that sets them apart
  • Learn to communicate and collaborate more effectively on software projects
  • Feel energised and enthused about UX through a highly enjoyable learning environment
  • Advance your career with job-ready skills
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“This course has given me the tools I needed to be able to run my own successful UX projects.”

David Broomfield
Moodle Lead, Hampshire Fire and Rescue