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and globally recognised
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Accredited by leading European institutions
The gold standard in UX education

Certification from the UX Design Institute and Glasgow Caledonian University is proof that your knowledge of UX has reached a professional standard. Your qualification is globally recognised, respected and sought after by employers hiring UX talent.

Your certification carries the credential of one of Europe’s leading universities - Glasgow Caledonian University. The UX Design Institute partners with the university to ensure the Professional Diploma in UX Design is credit-rated and accredited.
Impeccable standards
The Professional Diploma has passed a rigorous accreditation process, so you can be assured that the quality of the syllabus delivers the best possible learning outcomes for you.
Become a Certified Professional
When you successfully pass the Diploma exam, you will become a Certified UX Professional. It’s a globally recognised qualification, meaning you can go on to work and travel anywhere in the world. Take a look at our Certification Equivalents PDF.

“I now work as a specialist in UX/UI design - exactly where I hoped this career change would take me.”

A. McGonigle
UX/UI Product Designer at FS Investments
Council members from leading tech companies including
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Emerge with skills in instant demand

Take one look at the members of the UX Design Institute’s Industry Advisory Council and you’ll know you’re in the best company. These are the world’s leading tech companies, recruitment firms and UX consultancies.

Answering industry needs
Knowing you will qualify with the world’s only online, university-accredited Professional Diploma in UX Design is powerful. Realising that the Diploma has been guided by leading tech giants who have helped build a gold standard university education designed for the real world is even more empowering.
Giving you a competitive edge
The Industry Advisory Council oversees and guides the development of your Professional Diploma. Their focus is to train you to the highest standards, equipping you with the relevant knowledge, experience and skills that they seek and Industry demands.
Skills to match market needs
Right now, the demand for UX professionals is outstripping supply. Your training is designed to answer the skills gap that employers have been facing. Qualifying with a skills base and certification that is relevant and in-demand places you high on the candidate list.

“Since completing the course, I brought the UX process into my work. In the last few years, my career has progressed as a UX designer and teacher.”

Mary O’Gorman
Senior Product Designer at Udemy
Our experience will supercharge yours

Professional mentors, personally invested.

To qualify as a world-class UX designer requires world-class mentoring from the very best UX professionals. What you learn during the course modules will be given an extra layer of depth through your mentor-led webinars, adding clarity and insight to your learning experience.

Colman Walsh
CEO at UX Design Institute
A fun and engaging presenter, Colman is an accomplished trainer, facilitator and workshop moderator. Colman is the Founder and CEO of the UX Design Institute. He first started working as a UX designer in San Francisco in 1999. Since then he has worked with blue-chip clients in New York, London and Dublin and he established UXTraining, the precursor to the UX Design Institute, in 2013.
Gareth Dunlop
CEO at Fathom
Gareth is CEO of Fathom, one of the UK’s leading UX consultancies. He’s been working in tech for over 20 years, and he founded Fathom in 2011. He’s also been working with the UX Design Institute since 2014, teaching UX to our students throughout Europe and beyond.
Belén Barros Pena
PHD Student, Northumbria University
Belén has been practising UX for more than 10 years, and we first worked with each other back in 2007 at leading UX agency Each & Other.
Since then she’s spent many years working in London, including time working on innovation projects with Intel. She believes so passionately in UX that she is studying for a PhD at the Design School in the University of Northumbria.
James O’Brien
UX, Product & Culture Consultant
James is an author, speaker, trainer and long-time UX designer. Based in London he is an expert in the intersection of UX, Agile, Design Thinking and Lean UX. Incredibly eloquent, James has been a big hit in our classrooms, and he’s committed to helping fledgling UX designers learn their craft.
Rebecca Finnegan
Freelance UX consultant
Rebecca is a freelance UX consultant based in London. Her experience includes roles as a product manager, interaction designer and user experience researcher.
We first worked together at property portal, back in 2012 and Rebecca has helped the UX Design Institute in many guises since then: as designer, trainer and course creator.
Frank Gaine
Strategist, Designer, Frontend
Frank has been working in the UX arena since 2001. He spent many years working in the Netherlands, on both agency and client side. Since returning to Dublin, he works at award-winning Irish design firm,, as well as running career site and training with the UXDI.