Course details
What does the Professional Diploma cover?
The course is the first of its kind - a fully online university-accredited Professional Diploma in UX Design. It’s structured to follow the real life cycle of a user experience project - starting out with an introduction to UX and understanding user research right through to creating prototypes and wireframes.
You’ll execute hands-on projects through each stage of the process (these projects will develop into a portfolio of work for you). There are 10 modules in total:
  1. Introduction to UX
  2. User Research
  3. User Goals
  4. Structure and Navigation
  5. Interactions
  6. Design Principles
  7. Design Patterns
  8. Mobile
  9. Workflows
  10. Prototyping and Wireframing
What are the main learning outcomes of the Professional Diploma?
The Professional Diploma has many learning outcomes - here are just a few:
  • Think like a UX designer; adopt the mindset that sets them apart
  • Speak with the confidence that comes from a true, deep understanding of UX
  • Advance your career with job-ready skills
  • Showcase your knowledge with a portfolio of project work
  • Earn a university-accredited diploma, a globally recognised qualification
  • Become a Certified UX Professional
  • Developing your Independent learning skills. Completing an online only course proves self-motivation, plus the ability to meet deadlines and hit targets: all valuable skills in today’s workplace.
How is the course delivered?
The Professional Diploma is primarily video-based and delivered online. It’s been proven that the brain finds more meaning and retains information better by combining listening with seeing (text, pictures, moving images). UXDI videos are at the cutting edge of multimedia learning, giving you an excellent learner experience as you progress through the course.

Studying online has many benefits for students - more flexibility, ability to customise your own learning environment and access to the course materials to refresh and review what you’ve learnt so far. The course also has support and structure in place - through structured deadlines, webinars with mentors, community Slack channel and our Student Success team is here to answer any questions.
Can I complete the course in my own time or do I have to follow a schedule?
There are two learning paths available to you:
  1. Structured Diploma path
    You can follow the structured six month programme we have created. Within that, you’ll follow a monthly schedule, with deadlines for completing modules and projects.
    And you’ll take part in mentor-hosted webinars each month to discuss the work to date, answer questions and so on. This approach has been designed to help with motivation.
  2. Self-directed path
    You can complete the course entirely at your own pace. You can go faster or you can take longer. You’ll still be able to take part in any of the webinars as they take place during the Structured Diploma path - either taking part in them live or catching up through recordings. You’ll have access to all of the course materials for 12 months.
The choice of whether to follow the six month structure or direct your own study schedule is completely up to you.

Also, If you decide to start on the structured diploma path and later need to move to the self-directed one because it better suits your schedule, that option is always open to you.
How long does it take to complete the Professional Diploma?
Under the structured option, you’ll complete the Professional Diploma in six months. If you choose the self-directed path, you’ll have up to 12 months to complete the course.
We estimate that it will take you about 100-120 hours to watch all the lessons and complete the course projects. For some people, it make take less or more time but 100-120 hours is what we estimate to be the average completion time.
How long will I have access to the course?
You will have access to the course for 12 months from the start date of the course.
Is the course in English?
Yes - all of our courses are in English.
What’s the difference between the online Professional Diploma and the two day UX Foundation course?
We go deeper into all of the topics covered on the Foundation course. Plus, there are entirely new modules on mobile, prototyping, wireframing and designing workflows.

Also, there are 16 projects that, again, go much deeper than the Foundation course. Running your own usability tests, interviewing users, building high fidelity prototypes and so on. All with a view to giving you hands-on experiences and a high quality portfolio.

Finally, there’s a university standard exam and the accredited Professional Diploma if you pass. So, it’s a step up from what is covered in UX Foundation.
Is there any classroom element as part of the course?
The Professional Diploma is an online only course - this makes it accessible and affordable for everyone no matter where you’re based and what your schedule/lifestyle is. However, if you feel like you’d benefit from a classroom experience, you can add on a two day UX Foundation classroom course for an additional fee. Get in touch with us to find out more about the classroom add-on.
Are there mentors?
Yes - our mentors are all top-class UX professionals with years working in the field. They’ve all taught and mentored students on our classroom UX courses. Our mentors host our monthly webinars - find out more about our mentors.
Will I build a portfolio by the end of the course?
Yes. The course is designed so that you build up a portfolio of your work through practice projects. You’ll complete and submit 16 projects designed to build skills, confidence and experience in the core UX techniques.

Your portfolio will be invaluable to you in showcasing your work to prospective employers - you’ll be able to point to something concrete that shows the expertise you’ve acquired during the Professional Diploma.
What are the webinars?
Webinars are hosted every month by one of our mentors and are open to everyone taking part in the course. You’ll be sent emails about when the webinars are scheduled, how to register for them and how to access them. If you can’t attend that date, don’t worry - we record all of our webinars so you can watch at your convenience at a later date (we’ll send you on the links by email).

To take part in a webinar, you’ll need a laptop/PC/phone and access to a microphone on your device, if you want to ask a question during the webinar.
What is the UXDI Slack channel?
The UXDI Slack channel is a dedicated channel just for UXDI Professional Diploma students. When you enrol, you will be sent an invitation to register for the channel - there will be an overall group for UXDI and a private group just for your course intake.

Slack is a collaboration tool where you can join in discussions and share information with fellow students. It’s a great space to talk with fellow students about your progress through the course and ask questions.

It will give you a real sense of community, especially when you’re taking the Professional Diploma online. It’s a free tool so there’s no cost involved for you. And it’s completely up to you whether you want to join or not.
Will this course help me get me a job in UX?
This course is going to put you in an incredibly strong position when it comes to applying for a job in UX. You’ll have a university-accredited certification in UX and will have learnt in-depth UX skills and knowledge that you can apply directly to a UX role. And you’ll have a portfolio of your work that you’re built up through practice projects during the course.

The UX industry is thriving at the moment and demand for skilled UX professionals has never been greater - check out our blog on the subject.

Some UX educational companies offer a job guarantee but we don’t believe in those kinds of tactics as they’re just selling tools. We’re a UX educational company - not a recruitment company - and we don’t lead our students on by pretending that we are. What we do is equip you with the highest standards of UX skills and knowledge so that you’re fully educated and job-ready.
Are there limited spaces in each intake?
Yes, we limit each course intake so that we can ensure everyone has the highest quality of support during the course.
I need approval for the course from my manager - do you have anything that can help me with this?
Yes - this is something that comes up quite often so we’ve prepared a Convince Your Boss document that gives persuasive facts and figures for why you completing the course will be beneficial for your company and also why, generally, UX is well worth investing in.
Course suitability
Do I need prior UX knowledge to do the course?
No, this is a course for people who are new to UX. If you have experience working on digital projects (in any capacity), it will help you with the course. But you don’t need any prior UX knowledge to do the course.
Do I need to have a design background to do the course?
No, you don’t need to have a design background or any design skills to do the course.
Do I need to know code to do the course?
No, you don’t need to know code to do the course. This isn’t a technical course on how to build a website through coding - instead, the focus is on UX mindset, research, analysis and interaction design.
I’m currently working in UX. Is the course for me?
Yes, a sizeable number of our students are already working in the UX field. It’s a very common trend for people working in web design/development/graphic design/IT/product management and other roles to have moved over to more of a UX type role during their career, without necessarily having a formal education in UX.

This course gives you a great opportunity to add that formal qualification in UX to your CV and make sure that what you’re currently doing in your job is best practice UX.
I’m not currently working in UX but need to use UX in my job. Will this course help me in my current job?
If you work in digital in any capacity, you need to understand UX. Our courses have proven to be of benefit to people in a lot of roles - software developers, web designers, business analysts, product managers, project managers, graphic designers, digital marketers, content managers and many more….
I previously took the UX Foundation course. Is this course suitable for me?
Yes. If you’ve previously taken the UX Foundation course, some of the content will be familiar to you. But there is roughly double the amount of material in the Professional Diploma course. We go deeper into all of the topics covered on the Foundation course. Plus, there are entirely new modules on mobile, prototyping, wireframing and designing workflows.

Also, there are 16 projects that, again, go much deeper than the Foundation course. Running your own usability tests, interviewing users, building high fidelity prototypes and so on. It’s a step up from what is covered in UX Foundation - but having previously taken this course will be of benefit to you while studying the Professional Diploma.
Certification & assessment
Is the course accredited?
Yes, the course is accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University. It means that you, as a student, will have a diploma that clearly shows that you’ve reached a professional standard that’s university-accredited and also respected by Industry (through our Industry Advisory Council). Find out more about accreditation.
Who awards the Diploma?
Glasgow Caledonian University. You can find out more about the university here.
Is the Diploma recognised by employers?
Yes. As part of the accreditation process, UXDI formed an Industry Advisory Council. It’s made up of members drawn from the world’s leading tech companies. Their involvement ensures the Professional Diploma is current and relevant to the needs of the job market. Find out more about the Industry Advisory Council.
What level is the Diploma in my country?
The Diploma is a Level 8 qualification on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. Depending on the country where you are based, there will be an equivalent qualification in your relevant educational system. We list many countries and the equivalent certification levels on our Certification Equivalents document. If you’ve any further queries, drop us a line.
What is the Industry Advisory Council?
The UXDI Industry Advisory Council is made up of members drawn from the world’s leading tech companies. Participating companies are a mix of tech giants, international recruitment firms and award-winning UX consultancies.

Members of the Council work everyday at the coalface of UX and know first hand the needs of Industry when it comes to hiring UX professionals. Their involvement ensures the Professional Diploma is current and relevant to the needs of the jobs market. Find out more about the Industry Advisory Council.
What do I need to do to get the Diploma?
In order to receive the Diploma, you first need to have completed watching the video modules and have submitted all of your projects. Then, you will let us know that you’re ready to take the exam and we’ll arrange the day and time with you for taking the exam online. You need to pass the exam in order to get the certification.
How does the exam work?
The exam is a 2.5 hour online exam and is administered as a computerised assessment with a range of question types. The exam will cover material from throughout the 10 modules of the course. To pass, you’ll need to achieve 60 per cent in the online exam.

Is there a cost for the exam?
No. The exam cost is included in your course fee. And if you need to repeat the exam, the first repeat exam is free of charge.

Will I be able to repeat the exam if I don’t pass it the first time?
If you don’t successfully pass the exam the first time around, you have opportunities to repeat it (the first repeat exam is free of charge and subsequent repeats have a cost of €50 each).

How will I receive my Diploma?
You will receive both a hard copy of the diploma by post and a digital copy (to the email address you provided to us) once we have confirmed you have passed the course. If you wish, you’ll be able to use the digital copy to add a certification badge to your LinkedIn profile.

Cost & payment
How much does it cost?
The course fee is €1,950.

How do I pay?
You can pay by credit card or Paypal on our payment page. Alternatively, you can pay by quote/invoice if you get in touch with us directly to arrange.

Can I get a quote/invoice/PO for my company?
Yes, that’s no problem. We are happy to supply you with a quote/invoice/PO for your company - just let us know what you need and we’ll sort it out.

What is your cancellation policy?
You can find full details of our cancellation policy on our Terms and Conditions page.